Mogollon Rim Walk

First bridge  before getting to Mogollon Rim

First bridge before getting to Mogollon Rim

The Mogollon Rim, a geological malformation, named after an early Spanish governor, has been used by humans since they first wandered onto the North American continent. It has been a source of abundant wildlife, streams, plants and an environment that has attracted an over abundance of humans.
Early settlers damned streams and irrigated crop land and went one step further by creating man-made lakes for fishing and recreation. This part of the Mogollon Rim is located on the Eastern end of Arizona and this trail is in the town of Lakeside, AZ. A wide variety of people use this trail, for hiking, photo opportunities and picnics, thanks to the scenic nature of this area and the solitude it provides within the town limits.
The two trees growing side-by-side in image #01262014MogollonRimWalk151 need very different climate conditions to thrive. However, here they are; the Douglas fir on the left, prefers high altitude with wet conditions, while the alligator juniper grows better in drier, hotter environments. It is a unique situation; though both of them are doing well. Ah, Mother Nature takes care of some of her children better than others.
This area has been home to many people for thousands of years. Many of them nomadic in their life-style, traveling with the seasons, following the migration of wildlife and moving according to the presence of life giving water. When the climate changed and drought became the norm much of the surface water dried up and the inhabitants moved on, leaving little evidence of their time here.
Two valuable plants in this area are the pinyon pine, for its nutritous nuts and the manzanita plant. The pinyon provides humans and smaller creatures like squirrels with a food source and the manzanita provides watershed protection and its dense ground cover helps maintain favorable ground conditions and prevents soil erosion.
Most images were shot using an 18-55mm lens – ISO 800 – Canon EOS 7D – f/stop varied depending on the scene. I could list the info under every image.

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