Afternoon Walk – Blind Faith

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Reaching for the light

April 03, 2016

Maybe it is the change in weather, the tilt of earth leaning closer to the sun these days. Who knows. Brownie was chipper, smiling and eager to get out of the gated boundary she has been a captive of for so long. She pulled me along. Her joy of being ‘out’ expressed itself by rubbing my right knee. Her caress of thanks.

Even in the forest her nose took off ahead of us, keen of the scents she inhaled and needed to smell. Tugging this weary body along she glanced back in a look only she could give. One cannot but be happy when a dog is happy. Joy like that rubs the hair off her onto the nearest person available. In this case, yours truly.

It was late afternoon, though the sun still caressed its warm rays all over us, one look at the horizon and one knew it was not to last. No clouds gathered in the western sky and the sun faded without reflecting its dynamic colors through the thick atmosphere. The cobalt sky in the east seemed touchable, as if one could reach up and grab that color and bottle it for future use.

Now the brown dog smelled the water waiting on the porch, pulling this walked out body back to our cottage. There were a few images, but one knew, not getting down on the ground close to the subject, was a mistake. In this case this writer said; there are other days, the forest ain’t goin’ nowhere. Who knows; today may be too late. Take em when ya got’em. The mind says yes, but the body says no.

According to my fitbit wrist band, yesterday this writer was an over-achiever, walking 6.3 miles, 4, 230 steps over my daily goal of 10,000 steps. Did not feel like an over-achiever. A matter of perspective, as always.

Thinking of photographic expression while on the walk, one realized this shooter is out of touch. Not keeping up with the latest trends, ideas, or fads. Do not care. A bumper sticker says it: “Not all who wander are lost.”

One must follow the heart of the mind, going where trust of self leads. Usually, that is off the beaten path of following anyone or anything. Searching for and finding the abstract in common objects, living things, and the light and shadow in the inter-play of objects, that is the personal goal. It is the light and lack of light that reveals this abstraction. Training this mind to see, that is the path.

Now, today, in Lightroom, more than Photoshop, one selects, adjusts, frames, sharpens, and releases chosen images. Not that great. This shooter has done better.

One is looking, instead of being open; letting the images expose themselves. This writer knows better. Putting pressure on the self hardly ever reveals what is self evident. Trust, like all precarious undertakings must be embraced with blind faith.

Change in the weather is most welcome. The cold nights, the chilled wind of March during the day must yield to Spring, and embrace the warm. Brownie will greet this change with relief, as will this writer.

This particular writing is dedicated to the loved one. This is not usual, but then, neither is she.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.

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