Morning Walk – Between Paragraphs

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Manzanita Blooms

March 27, 2016

Have not stepped out the door on this crisp, clear morning. It will happen. A first word entering this mind is turbulence, on this Easter Sunday. It has nothing to do with this Christian celebration, which is just a marker to note the day.

It has everything to do with this life. It seems everyone, in their own unique adventure has turbulence: violent or unsteady movement of air, water, or of some other fluid. Indeed. The word has taken on a much broader meaning as writers look for expression, words are used in different contexts. They then become common, and as one reads this in a sentence, the reader knows what the writer is referring to; an inner, or perhaps an outer confrontation, violent or unsteady communication or conflict with others.

So it is these days. Inner turbulence, outer turbulence; a constant confrontation with others, with an occupation, with one’s own body, as this left hip continues its slow disintergration, with a partner, lover, friend, and confidant.

Always, it is the absence of communication which confuses any topic, discussion or problem. Men and women speak in their own language. A meaning of one word or a single sentence, is interpreted in a completely different way by the other, and the conversation dissolves. It is amazing. How does one resolve these disturbences?

Does one attempt more communication, using different words, or does the conversation just end, without resolution? These situations have solutions. Sometimes answers are not forthcoming in a quick, direct and meaningful manner. Sometimes time is the fix.

Sometimes there is no key to unlock the door of mis-communication. It is a struggle, a constantly striving movement of the mind to resolve a particular turbulence. The occupation has its own battle, everyday that is worked.

There is the physical struggle of doing the work, and the mental conflict with endless repetition. There is frustration with people who constantly and forever, have no respect for the property. There is turbulence with the people who work in the store. Not to mention the total disregard for the efforts of those who attempt to make the environment pleasant and welcoming.

We continue: if one just stops, gives up or turns away, that is an unresolved solution. It is one choice of many. It is looking more and more like the only choice.

This writer continues. A quote that echoes in the mind like a repeating GIF that will not stop; words said in extreme anger: ”End your existence. Do the world a favor.” There is understanding of where this comes from. Been there. A personal message of this nature should not be displayed for all to read. However, it illustrates the frustration, anger, dissastisfaction, and disappointment of the person who spoke thusly.

Absence of communication, a terrible circumstance of choosing words, or not choosing words is the crux of this situation. A coin of sorts; do this and that happens, or do that and this happens, neither of which is satisfactory.

The walk has been taken in an interval between paragraphs. Images were shot. Turbulence, however, has not ceased in this short, sweet pause. A clear, bright, cobalt blue sky, free of clouds was absorbed. There is no peace. There were no revelations. The wind blows through this mind still, with all the violence it is capable of producing within the chambers of this mind, and all of its rooms.

I am grateful for your visit. Thank you.

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